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This is the Mark IV version of the Website.? I intend to improve it as time allows.? It was written with FrontPage Express and Word 2003, and with Internet Explorer in mind.? Oh, and in the Windows environment pocket option .? I don't know whether it fits Netscape or any other browser.


In 2001, my wife Val and I had a wonderful holiday in Japan.? Click here to read my illustrated travelogue. I've included bits of surprising history, and the Japanese version of a childhood game we play in Britain.? Not to mention an "instant expert's" observations about Japan and the Japanese way of doing things.


I?ve been writing a book, initially about the ?Richardson Affair? (Namamugi jiken) of 1862 and its aftermath.? The few academics who?ve written on the subject have really just skated over its surface.? The book has expanded somewhat in the writing.? It now covers all the relationships (trading, diplomatic, naval, military, and more) that developed between Britain and Japan (with bit parts played by other European powers, and America) from 1853 to 1868 (and beyond) - the period the Japanese call the bakumatsu.? And I've painted in the mythological, religious, cultural and historical background to it all.? It is being published In October 2008 by radiance Press.? There's a website www.japanhistory.co.uk but there's nothing there.? That should be rectified pocket option copy trading review in early October.? Keep checking here for latest details of Respect and Consideration.



I broadcast a Thought for the Day on BBC Radio Leicester about once a month as a live broadcast, and then several others that are pre-recorded. ?We used to get 2 minutes or so, but at the beginning of 2006, they cut us back to ninety seconds.? Click here to read the last eleven years? (or so?s) worth.? I hope they're not in any way pious!


I?ve written a meditation about Easter.? Hope you like it, even if it?s more pious than my TsFTD!? And here are a couple of Christmas verses.


I feebly "manage" a fantasy football team in the COB (Crate of Beer) Intercontiliga league (under the Electronic Telegraph umbrella) masterminded by my son Stephen.? He maintains the COB Intercontiliga website.?

Check it out and be entertained https://pocketoption.in and mystified!? Go the Metatarsals!


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