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What gives me the right to have these Thoughts?


I have the privilege of broadcasting “Thoughts for the day” on BBC Radio Leicester (104.9 fm) about once a month.  The brief from the religious affairs producer is to produce a 2-minute, topical thought for listeners to chew on.  I try not to be “preachy”, although I do come at this from the perspective of a committed Christian.  I try to be light in approach, though serious in intention. The great majority of the tens of thousands of listeners are not "churched" and need to be fed with baby food rather than an adult diet. So you will not find difficult theological terms, or assumptions about the Bible or Christianity.  I also use humour! At least, I think my jokes are funny.  And, as you will see, I am excited by the trivial!


For the record, I brought myself up in the Church of England but became dissatisfied by what I see as some of its key theological understandings and compromises.  I became a Baptist because their theology seems close(r) to what I see in the Bible.  I am a deacon (and Treasurer) in my local church, and undertake some preaching duties in other churches.  I  also play bass guitar in my church’s worship band, and am 2nd assistant deputy organist/keyboard-player’s mate’s tea-boy (i.e. I deputise in extreme circumstances!)


I administer our church Alpha course, which has been immensely successful in bringing significant numbers of people into membership of my church.  I am therefore, you can deduce, strongly evangelical in my faith.  For several years I led a successful church plant established by my church.  I am a convinced ecumenist, recognising that the things that divide the Christian churches from one another are trivial by comparison with the myriad things that unite us.

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