Unto us a child is born


Christ was born in Bethlehem,

God’s greatest gift to Man

- Not that we deserved Him!

But thanks to God’s great plan,

The swaddled child whom wise men worshipped

Who taught the crowds by Galilee

Who wept and loved, was scourged and scorned

And crucified for you and me.


Christ was born in Belmarsh:

Cell doors closed and locked;

Reports enough to hold him.

Yes, Justice can be mocked.

Dire threat to us, a terrorist

Could bring another 9/11.

But Christ died for him as well as us

God yearns for all to share his heaven.


Christ was born in King Street,

God’s family gathers here

To worship, praise and wonder:

His presence certain, near.

Preceding generations

Would also sing and preach and pray

The great good news, the Word made flesh;

For Hallelujah!  Christ is born!  Right here, each Christmas Day!



1.      © December 2004 John W Denney

2.      “Belmarsh” in verse 2 is the prison in London where suspected terrorists are currently (2004) held without trial.  They are said to be too dangerous to let loose on the streets, but cannot be tried because the evidence is not beyond a reasonable doubt, and no country can be found willing to accept them on deportation.  It’s Kafkaesque.  I do believe that the offer of Christ’s salvation is open to every repentant sinner, irrespective of their crimes or their background.  This includes terrorists.  However: Christ’s offer has to be accepted and sin has to be repented.

3.      King Street” in the last verse is the street where my church’s building is located.  I guess (at least I hope!) the sentiments of this verse are applicable to every neighbourhood church (except in year 1 of its existence, I suppose).







I sent a message to Mary

You will call his name Jesus.


I told you through my servant Isaiah

He will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.


Jesus called himself

the Son of Man; the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.


You call him

Lord and Saviour.


But do you know what I call him, seated as he is right now, at my right hand?  I call him

My Son, chosen and marked by my love, delight of my life.


And what do I love to call you?

Yes.  My beloved child.

Sit with me a while and cuddle close.



© December 2004 John W Denney