this is mi page that my man says i can rite 4 yuou i cant do the capitl letrs cos yuou need 2 paws at the saim tim the saim with the speling chek i wontd 2 rite in cat but yuou wuououdnt understand if i did heres an xampl nyooaoo frrrrrdrrrdrrrdrrr chkchk this means it is tim 4 brekfust com on wot ar yuou wating 4 i hav ben here al nit wating 4 sumthing 2 et do yuou se wy it is no piont in riting in cat


wel this is a tipicl da in mi lif after i wak up in the kitchin i get on the windusil and loke at the berds on the lorn they maik a lot of niose that mi man and mi woman cal berdsong they sem 2 laik it but 4 us cats it is an insitment 2 vioilens merdr is in my hart as I here them wistling berds ar pur evl as evri cat nose Text Box: o ok
bowing to imens intrest from menni ov mi fans u can klic on a pic of me hear if yuou like

it is in fact a pictr of me wen I was yungr and so is embarasing a bit I men yuou woant cach me in a baskt thes das o no  nuthing short of a sedan char 4 me thes days ho ho
hear is a maw recnt wun wich shos I m maw dignfid

enyway mi man or mi woman coms in2 the kitchin and gets mi brekfust wich is usiuali crunchi hils cat fud and a bol of watr i hav 2 kep them activ bi hiting them on the legs with mi hed wile they are clening mi bol and refiling it it is no gud me saing nyooaoo frrrrrdrrrdrrrdrrr chkchk as i xpland yuou don’t understand cat


so then I go uout and chek the teritori this comprizz mi huouse and gardn and the gardns of the naybring huouses they arnt oand bi any cats at al so they ar only loned to the pepl whu slep ther 1 gardn has a pond with fish so i hav 2 kep a clos i on them olso the frogs that liv ther as wel the purpos of cheking is 2 maik shur no uthr cats hav musld in overnit and to kep thoas evl berds awa


then i com in agen and snif aruound the huous in cas ther ar eny muouses mis and then i go upstars 2 slep on the landing  i genrly slep 4 most of the da upart from using mi litr tra wich is so much mor dignifid than doing it in next dors flour bed  then if its not raning i go uout agen and chek the teritori wuns mor 2 nits ago i had a fit with anuthr cat who trid to musl in althouou it cost me a scracht er i got rid if him I can tel yuou he wont be bak in a huri o no


then i come bak in and setl doun 4 the nit in the kitchin wair i slep on a char wich is qite cum4tbl thank yuou


i am purrticlary fond of humun fud and speshly laik poltry and shelfish speshly scampi 4 wich i wil do enything at lest anything withun rezn mi man dusnt no i can tapdans but if nessry i wil hav to do a fredastare 4 him 1 of thes das


wel that’s abuouot it 4 now wy don’t yuou writ me a letr its best to rit in humun not cat cos the computr cant red or rit cat

luv from