Radio Leicester Thought for the Day

John Denney, 8 January 1999


Headache?  Sneezing? Muzzy-headed?  Sweating?  Sore throat?  Feeling awful?  Sounds as if you might’ve got ‘flu.  You’d be in good company, though, because there’s an epidemic of it.  And if you haven’t got it, I bet you know someone who has got it.  Or had it.  And unless your doctor thinks otherwise, there’s not much you can do but sweat it out.  It’s not much fun.  You’re really on your own with ‘flu.  Other people can try to make you feel better, though.


There was a mother who was sick in bed with ‘flu one day when her darling little daughter decided to play nurse.  The little girl fluffed up the pillows in her mummy's bed, brought her a vase of freshly cut flowers from the backyard, and even brought her a warm cup of tea.  “I didn't know you even knew how to make tea,” said the mother. “What a wonderful surprise.”  “Oh yes, Mummy,” said the little girl.  “I learned watching you.  I boiled the water, put the tea leaves in, and strained it into a cup.  I couldn't find a strainer, though, so I used the flyswatter.”  “You what!” screamed the mother, horrified.  “Oh, don't worry, Mummy. I didn't use the new flyswatter.”


And I remember an occasion when my son, then aged four, proudly brought my wife and me breakfast in bed.  He brought us tea and boiled eggs.  Now, we had not at this point in his young life shown him how to boil a kettle or put a saucepan on to boil.  So the tea was made with cold water, and the eggs, duly immersed for three minutes by the eggtimer in cold water, were raw.  But I can tell you it was one of the most enjoyable and memorable meals of my life.  Not because of the food and drink, but because of the love with which it had been prepared.


Just like at Christmas, when we say “it’s the thought that counts” on receiving gifts from our loved ones, the motive behind our actions is more important than what we actually do.


You see, God looks into our hearts and sees our real motives.  And He promises a reward in heaven for those who do good things for other people out of love.


So, here’s a thought: is there a good deed you could do today?  - if you’ve not got the ‘flu, of course!


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