Radio Leicester Thought for the Day

John Denney, 18 February 2000


It was quite chilly yesterday at Filbert Street.  It wasn’t the overnight frost that caused it.  No, it was Martin O’Neill laying into Stan Collymore and the rest of the team for their tomfoolery in the bar of the sports club in Spain.  Grown men should have known better than to let their high spirits get the better of them.  And Martin O’Neill didn’t mess about: he imposed severe penalties on the guilty men and made them pay personally for the costs involved.


Theresa Gorman MP was carpeted yesterday too.  A House of Commons committee found she had failed to register her financial interests in the register of members’ interests.  She had even taken part in the debates on the subject of landlords and tenants when in effect, secretly, she is one.  The committee hasn’t messed around either: they’ve recommended she be excluded from the House of Commons for a whole month.


And over in Germany, more and more revelations are coming out about the corrupt funding of the Christian Democrat Party under former Chancellor Kohl.  The party and several senior politicians are being exposed as dishonest and devious.  Maybe even criminal fraud is involved.  This story is going to run and run, but already several political heads have rolled, and it looks as if things are going to get worse for the Christian democrats, who are coming out as rather undemocratic and certainly far removed from Christian standards of behaviour.


Quite a lot of chickens have come home to roost this week, at Filbert Street, at Westminster, and in Berlin.  One day, Christians believe we shall all have to account for our actions.  We call it the Day of Judgement.  God will judge everyone.  Everything bad we’ve thought, everything bad we’ve said, everything bad we’ve done, everything good we should have done but didn’t, will be recited before Him, and He will judge us accordingly.  Christians, though, will find that all the wrong things in their lives have been erased from the record, because Jesus has forgiven their sins.


And back here, we’ve still got a chance to do something about our attitudes and lifestyle.  We can ask Jesus for forgiveness; in the words of the Lord’s Prayer: forgive us our trespasses.  And in these times of 10 pence rise on the minimum wage and 75 pence rises on the state pension, it’s sobering to remember that the wages of sin are exactly the same as they always were.


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