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© John Denney 8 September 2004


I’d been out, taking some rubbish to the tip.  “There was a phone call for you” said my wife.  “It was Chris Highton[1] from Radio Leicester, asking if you could record a Thought for the Day.”  “OK, I’ll give him a buzz”, I said.  “But you’re not doing anything until you’ve mown the lawn.”  I should explain.  I hate anything to do with gardening.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love gardens.  I just detest the hard work that goes into them.  So my wife and I have come to a deal.  I mow the lawns; she does everything else.  And I admire her handiwork.  And I mow the lawns as infrequently as possible.  And she, er, encourages me to get on with it.


There’s an old joke about a new country vicar admiring someone’s beautiful garden.  “Isn’t it amazing what God can do?” he enthused.  “You should’ve seen the mess when he ‘ad it all to ‘isself, vicar” came the reply.


But in the Biblical accounts of creation, we’re told that when God had created man, he planted a garden in Eden and put the Man he had just made in it.  He … set him down in the Garden of Eden to work the ground and keep it in order[2].  So God didn’t just create the world and leave it to the forces of evolution and chance, but went on to plan and plant the Garden of Eden in the world He had created.  And then he gave mankind the responsibility of being under-gardeners for Him.  And we messed it up, and we continue to mess it up.


The science may not be completely clear, but it looks as if we’ve messed the climate up through global warming.  The unprecedented hurricanes in the Caribbean, and the lethal typhoons in the Pacific are like as not, indirectly our fault.  For the sake of future generations, we’ve simply got to be more environment-conscious.


Now, I wonder if it would be more environmentally friendly if I hired a sheep to crop the lawns….


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[1] Chris Highton is a Radio Leicester Senior Broadcaster / Producer and an all-round good egg.

[2] Genesis 2 (MSG)