BBC Radio Leicester Thought for the Day

© John Denney 15 December 2004


Ten days before Christmas, and all round the town

Leicester’s shoppers are bushed, their bank balances down.

In Shires[1] and in Fosse Park[2] we hear the bells ring

Just hear those tills jingling: ker-ching-ching-ker-ching!

The panic is rising – what can I get Mabel?

Last year’s vase that I gave her’s never seen on her table.

For Emma’s new baby there’s a Filbert the Fox[3]

But I can’t think what for her Dad but some socks.


The cards are all written and ready to post

To our friends and our family – the ones we love most.

Each year comes the card signed “Love, Norman and Bess”

It makes us feel guilty ‘cos we’ve lost their address.

And don’t we just know that we’re bound to feel rotten

When we get a card from someone we’ve forgotten?


What else for Christmas?  Tradition, repeats.

Mustn’t forget all the snacks and the sweets.

And the games must be played, everything properly!

Now where did we put the cards and Monopoly?


Check list: turkey and crackers and pudding and sprouts

What have I forgotten?  – I’m having such doubts;

At the back of my mind I’m missing something.

Of course!  It is Christmas – the birth of our King!

Mid thoughts of the food and the booze and the presents

It’s all about Jesus – his coming, his presence.


To certain poor shepherds the angel did say

“In Bethlehem town, in a manger of hay

Lies a baby who’s human, who’s also divine:

He’ll teach you and love you, change water to wine;

He’ll teach you forgiveness - seventy times seven -

He’ll die so your sins will not keep you from heaven.”


So “glory to God in the highest” we say

For the gift of salvation that came Christmas Day.

And yes, have a party, be jolly, have fun!

For through Jesus, our Saviour, the vict’ry is won!


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[1] A shopping mall in the centre of Leicester

[2] A large retail park just outside Leicester

[3] The mascot of Leicester City Football Club