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© John Denney 18 April 2005


I’d like to make this perfectly clear.  In Real Terms, the policies of the other parties have a Black Hole in them, because they’re Top Down, while we’re Bottom Up – and Fully Costed.  On the Doorstep, Hard Working Families in Middle England tell us that their sums Just Don’t Add Up.  The Forgotten Majority want more Matrons to sort out the Chaos caused by the Metropolitan Elite.  At The End of the Day, Real People don’t live in the Westminster Village.


I guess we’re going to hear more and more of these political clichés for the next 17 days as the battle between the parties hots up and we choose who is to represent us in Councils and in Parliament, and who will form the new government.


It’s a far cry from the Vatican, where a very different election process is getting underway at this moment.  There, the hundred and fifteen Cardinal electors of the Roman Church are going to be locked away in secrecy until they come up with their choice of a new Pope.  There are no manifestos, no declaration of candidates, no Party Political Broadcasts, no babies to be kissed.  Just silence until the result is announced.  (À la Homer Simpson) Mmmmm, silence.


Yesterday was the start of the new-style Pop Charts.  The music-loving public has voted with its wallets – or more exactly, its credit cards – and now the charts include cyberspace downloads.  Fewer and fewer people buy records, and more and more download music from the Internet onto their MP3 players.    It’s a bit hi-tech for me, but if President Bush can master the technology, then I ought to be able to!


Life is full of choices.  Not just elections; not just how you buy your music.  Everything in life involves choices.   And it’s not always easy to know what to do.  Many Christians find that praying about a problem – however big, however small – helps.  God advises his children, in the same way as human parents advise their children.  The prayer that Jesus taught us starts by us addressing God as Our Father in heaven[1].  Praying is a relationship thing, a conversation between Father God and us.   The apostle James told us: You do not have because you do not ask God[2].  Maybe we should all ask God about who should get our vote, and get the right government.



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[1] Matthew 6:9-13

[2] James 4:2