BBC Radio Leicester

Thought for the Day broadcast 11 May 2005

© John Denney 22 February 2006


Just call on me


Red, red and amber, green.At least, thatís whatís supposed to happen.It didnít last night.Thereís some road works at a T junction near where I live, and the chaps digging the hole are entitled to a home life, so they went home at the end of a long day leaning on their shovels.


Something went wrong with the temporary traffic lights they left behind.And they went red in all three directions.I got caught up at the back of one of the resultant queues.Before long, some bold drivers did a three point turn and went back whence they came.Others decided that using their car horn would make the traffic lights change.I can assure you it didnít.A few courageous souls simply pulled out of the queue and drove through the red lights.Two of them met at the junction and there was a crunching noise and a lot of shouting.Still it passed the time.


Meanwhile, I phoned the Police Headquarters at Enderby, and in a few minutes, the police arrived and took control of the situation, switched the lights off, and directed us through the junction.


Simple really.All I had to do was give the people who could sort it out a call, explain the problem, and before long, the situation was dealt with.


Itís a bit like prayer, really.If thereís a problem, ask God.He made us a promise.Ask and you'll get; seek and you'll find; knock and the door will open[1].Oh, and you donít need a mobile phone, and you donít need an appointment.


[1] Luke 11:9 MSG