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© John Denney 3 April 2006


First Class


So, a first class letter costs 32p from today.The penny black stamp went on sale in 1840, so I suppose a 77-fold price increase in 166 years isnít too bad.


Mind you, apart from greetings cards, I donít send as many letters these days as I used to.Like most of us, Iíve gone over to e-mails.We demand instant communications.And almost everybody has a mobile phone, so we can get hold of nearly anyone, anywhere, anytime.And m wf snds m txt msgs[1]- all the time.


The trouble with all of these wonderful modern ways of communication, is we donít get to see people in person.Itís hard to make good and lasting relationships with people electronically.Friends of mine in business told me that they are having difficulty responding to a potential customer, because he wonít use e-mails for some kind of religious reason.


Jesus said we must love God passionately, and love our neighbour, ourselves and our enemies.But you canít really love by letter, phone or email.For a first class relationship, you need time, face to face.


Hv Nc dy.Gd by nd Gd blss!![2]



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[1] My wife sends me text messages

[2] Have a nice day.Goodbye and God bless!!