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© John Denney 9 May 2006




A friend of mine has just acquired a puppy.  His name is Sheframol Samba Royale.  That’s a bit difficult to remember, so everyone calls him “Archie”.  I think Archie’s starting to realise that that’s his name.  Every day is full of new experiences for him.  There’s the feel of running on the lawn; there’s new food to taste; there’s new people to meet; there’s a million new smells every day; there’s other people’s pets to make friends with.  Even my cat thinks that Archie is OK, although he’s rather too bouncy for her to play with.  What joy, what zest for life he has!  And there’s something more: Archie adores his owner.  In his quieter moments, he sits there and gazes at her, and you can see in his eyes that he wants to please her more than anything else.


Perhaps we need to live our lives with more zest, more joy, more fun.  Too often we weigh ourselves down with worldly cares, and forget that we’re given this life to live it.  There are serious things in life, of course, but even with those serious things, Jesus says he wants to restore us to life in all its fullness – what the Bible calls “abundant life”.   Perhaps the words of this little prayer might help: “Lord, please make me the kind of person my dog thinks I am”.



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