BBC Radio Leicester Thought for the Day

© John Denney, 2 June 2006


“God Remembers you”


Tomorrow there’s going to be a very special birthday party in Abbey Park.  The Church of England in Leicestershire is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the restoration of the diocese of Leicester.  So happy birthday to the diocese, from all of us in the other Churches of Leicestershire, and, I’m sure, from all you listeners to Radio Leicester.


Anniversaries … I looked up what happened on this day in history.  Today’s Henry the Eighth’s 515th birthday, and Thomas Hardy’s 166th, and Sir Edward Elgar’s 149th.  If it’s your birthday, happy birthday to you.  Giuseppe Garibaldi – the Italian rebel commemorated with a biscuit – died on this day in 1882, and way back in 455AD, Gaiseric and the Vandals (no, not a 1960s pop group) sacked Rome, and stole the treasures from Solomon’s Temple that the Romans had plundered from Jerusalem in AD 70.  A happier anniversary is 2nd June 1953, when our present Queen was crowned in Westminster Abbey.  I’m old enough to remember watching all day long on Uncle Ed’s 14-inch black and white TV, with dozens of neighbours, and Auntie Hilda bringing in constant supplies of tea and fishpaste sandwiches.


The Jewish community is celebrating Shevuot, or Pentecost, today, when Moses dished out the 10 commandments.  The Christian churches will be celebrating Pentecost – or Whit – Sunday on, well, Sunday, seven weeks after Easter Day.  It’s often called the birthday of the church.  So, happy birthday to the Church around the world.


Anniversaries are all about remembering.  It’s good to look back with thanksgiving.  But God doesn’t need an anniversary excuse to remember you: you’re constantly in His thoughts.


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