BBC Radio Leicester Thought for the Day

© John Denney 25 October 2006




I’ve recently come back from a short holiday in France.  It’s almost worth going just for the wonderful bread they have over there, full of flavour.  One of the most memorable meals of my life was many years ago in the South of France, with a long baguette hot from the oven, a bowl of freshly pressed olive oil so thick it was almost a jelly, and a glass of rough red wine from the vineyard in the village.  So simple, so perfect.


An old friend of mine who was an army officer responsible for catering said that breadmaking was “the art of making water stand upright”.  I guess that was “bread, white, common soldiery for the consumption of”!  But proper bread takes time and care: mixing the flour and water and salt and yeast, kneading the dough, allowing it to rise, knocking the gas out of it, shaping it into loaves and letting it rise again, and then baking until it’s just right.


Bread is a staple of our diet.  It nourishes us, and fills up the empty spaces of our stomachs.  But we need to nourish our spiritual lives too.  2000 years ago, Jesus said something extraordinary.  He said, I am the Bread—living Bread!—who came down out of heaven.  Anyone who eats this Bread will live—and forever![1]    Which is a bit more than your average French loaf can do!

[1] John 6:51 MSG