BBC Radio Leicester Thought for the Day

© John Denney 25 October 2006



On 12 April 2001, John Boc, a wealthy investment banker in Boston (Massachusetts), bought a round of drinks at the exclusive Excalibur Club.  The waitress, Colleen Gallacher, seemed downcast, and he engaged her in conversation.  She told him that as a widow with two young children, she was moonlighting to make ends meet.  With no more ado, John Boc opened his wallet and gave her $1,000!  She burst into tears, and told him how much difference that would make.  So the rich banker pulled out one of his many credit cards, gave it to her, and told her to draw $10,000 on it.  John Boc wanted nothing in return.  It was a spontaneous act of generosity by someone with a lot of money to someone with not enough.


Now, I don’t suppose many of us could spontaneously give £8,000 to someone today.  I certainly can’t!  But we could do something thoughtful for someone else.  What about thanking – really thanking – the bus driver, or the shop assistant, or the cleaner at your office?  What about taking time to talk to your neighbour about his or her life?  What about giving generously to Children in Need[1] when the opportunity arises?


You – yes, you – could be the Good Samaritan that Jesus approves of.


[1] An annual Charity appeal: BBC Television and Radio combine to raise funds.  In 2006, the appeal date will be 17 November.  See for details.