BBC Radio Leicester Thought for the Day

John Denney 18 January 2006




I had a brilliant Christmas present from my family. It was a sat-nav system. Satellite navigation is wonderful! I had a choice of voices on the system, and a female voice called Jane tells me to "take the third exit from the roundabout" or whatever. I've even found myself talking back to her on a couple of occasions.


By day two, I'd used it to navigate from home to the shops and back again, and from home to my church and back again, and from home to a friend's house and back again. Of course I knew all these journeys like the back of my hand, so I didn't gain anything. But since then, I've been to three addresses in London, one in Stratford on Avon and one in Cambridge. And every time it's directed me straight there. Fantastic!


It's very comforting to have someone show you the way to a place you don't know, and it's even quite reassuring to have the route you worked out for yourself confirmed.


If only there were a life navigation system we could switch on! All those tricky decisions, when you have to choose between doing something or not doing something or doing something else. Wouldn't it be nice if Jane said "at the next opportunity, ask her to marry you", or "take a deep breath and count to ten before you vent your anger".


Christians get directions to navigate their lives from the Bible and from trusted Christian friends, and sometimes through answers to prayer. What guides your life? The trouble is, without good directions, we won't end up at our destination of choice.


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