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© John Denney 3 April 2007




These bright mornings gladden the heart, don’t they?  I love this anonymous poem:


Spring is sprung

Der grass is riz

I wonder where dem boidies is?

Der little boids is on der wing.

Ain’t dat absoid?

Der little wings is on der boid!


That poor imitation of a Bronx accent[1] reminds me of something I saw when I was a young lad.  I was being dragged around Madame Tussaud’s.  At one of the royal exhibits there stood an archetypical elderly American couple.  “Who’s dat, Elmer?” asked the wife.  Elmer studied his catalogue;  “Aaw, dat’s Henry da Toid”.


I wasn’t particularly impressed by the waxworks, but I do remember the shiver of fear as I entered the Chamber of Horrors.  There was even one curtained section with a security guard posted so that us children couldn’t see what was behind it, such was its gruesomeness.  But there was one curious exhibit we were permitted to see.  It was the blade from the guillotine that had removed many aristocratic heads during the French revolution.  What a macabre thing to put on display!  Making an exhibit of an instrument of death!


And yet, we do it all the time.  The biggest selling item in jewellers’ shops is a little gold cross that people wear on a chain round their necks.  It is a representation of the cross on which Jesus died.  Christians believe that he was put to death as the final sacrifice that took away the barrier of sin that separates us from God.  That’s why Friday this week is “Good” Friday. And the cross, the instrument of His death, is a reminder of that sacrifice.




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[1] Sorry, I tried to give you a .wav file here, but it won't play!