BBC Radio Leicester Thought for the Day

John Denney 23 April 2007

St. George



he 23rd of April is an Englishman's day to celebrate. It's the anniversary of Shakespeare's birth - and his death, the anniversary of the founding of the most noble Order of the Garter, and even the day on which quintessentially English poets William Wordsworth and Rupert Brooke died. Most of all, it's St George's Day.



lthough St. George is England's Patron Saint, we hardly know any provable facts about him. It seems he died a martyr's death around the year 303 when Emperor Diocletian was trying - and failing - to destroy Christianity. And that's about it. But of course, we all remember him as the knight who courageously slew the dragon, and rescued the princess from a grisly death. Such is the power of myth and legend, that he is not only the patron saint of England, but of at least six other countries and many organizations around the world.



ome of us, too, have our own dragons to slay. Maybe there's something you've been dreading doing. Or it's an addiction you know you should conquer. Are you courageous enough to take on your dragon? Maybe St. George's example can give you the strength to slay it.