BBC Radio Leicester Thought for the Day

John Denney 16 November 2007


It's a fair bet that today you're going to see people dressed in weird costumes, doing distracting things, confronting you and asking you for money. No, it's not Dick Turpin or your local neighbourhood mugger; it's the BBC Children In Need day again. The day when the people of this country go wild and raise enormous amounts of money - a staggering 33 million last year - to make the lives of children better.


What's good is that people have such fun raising the money. Schools and hospitals and businesses and offices and churches are full of baked-bean-bath sitters, and people having their heads shaved, and people wearing their clothes backwards. And I bet Pudsey Bear will be spotted here and there. Mainly there. And there! And your Friday night telly is going to be given over to Sir Terry Wogan and his various helpers, with a star-studded night of entertainment.


And it's made the more enjoyable because the money is used to such good effect. Quite a few Leicester and Leicestershire projects have been funded, and children with autism, or communication difficulties, or learning disabilities, or behavioural disorders, and latchkey kids have all recently benefited from the money raised through BBC Children in Need.


So when the bucket is rattled in front of you, when you see someone doing some daft stunt in front of your very eyes, when you hear the appeals on the BBC, do give what you can. Leicestershire people - especially Radio Leicester listeners - have proved how generous we are in the Ruby Rainbow Appeal. Let's carry on with our generosity.


As Jesus said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.[1]

[1] Acts 20:35, NIV