BBC Radio Leicester Thought for the Day

John Denney 2 June 2008




Oh dear. Tigers could have won the premiership title on Saturday, but lost. And Leicester is feeling waspish[1]. A Rugby failure. And it's less than a month ago that Leicester City Football Club was relegated to the old third division[2]. A Soccer failure. It's all a long time away from the 1996-97 season, when all three of Leicester's major sporting clubs were in the ascendant, and we got that statue. Let's hope the Cricket club can do well this season.


The players and managers will be feeling they could have done better, could have succeeded. They're all of them good people, some with previous success, all trying their best.


And failing.


Most of us will have felt some form of failure in our lives. It might be failed exams; or not getting the job or promotion we deserved; or a relationship not working out; or getting into unmanageable debt; or any number of letdowns.


Some people see Jesus as a failure. When he died, he owned only the clothes he wore. He spent three years training 12 friends, but when the crunch came, one sold him out for a few quid; another disowned him, and the others hid themselves away. Just one was with him at the cross. And the crowds that cheered Him into Jerusalem bayed for his death within a week. Jesus knows what it is to be discarded, to be thought a failure.


And yet He transcended all the downsides. He won a great victory over the forces of darkness. He came through His "failure".


And so can you.


Make a fresh start. God says, Forget about what's happened; don't keep going over old history.[3]


[1] Tigers lost to Wasps 26-16 in the Premiership playoff final 31 May at Twickenham.

[2] 4 May 2008: LCFC was relegated to League division 1 (the "old third division")

[3] Isaiah 43:18 MSG