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© John Denney 6 May 2005

Church is boring / Church isnít boring (Delete as appropriate)


The Christian Church is growing at a phenomenal rate worldwide.Over a third of the worldís population is actively Christian.But less so in Britain.Although 70% of our population claims to be Christian[1], less than 10% of us go to church on anything like a regular basis.Iím the marriage registrar for my church, so I get to go to all the weddings.And itís noticeable how fewer and fewer people sing the hymns with gusto.Theyíre not sure of the words, you see, or the tunes, because they donít go to church on a regular basis.


Why is regular churchgoing on the decline?Often, people say that church is boring Ė even if they havenít been to a church for years, if ever.There was a letter in a newspaper from one such who said it made no sense to go to church every Sunday.ďIíve gone for 30 years nowĒ, he said, ďand I must have heard 3000 sermons.But for the life of me I canít remember a single one of them.So Iíve wasted my time, and the preachers have been wasting theirs.Ē


There was quite a correspondence about this in the newspaper, until finally this reply was published.ďIíve been married for 30 years.In that time, my wife has cooked about 32000 meals.But for the life of me I canít recall the entire menu for a single one of them.But I do know this: they all nourished me and gave me the strength I needed to do my work.If my wife hadnít given me these meals, Iíd have died of hunger.Likewise, if I hadnít gone to church for spiritual nourishment, Iíd be spiritually dead!Ē


I have to say that there are boring churches, and boring preachers and boring Christians.But it isnít always the case.In my own church, the hymns and songs are contemporary as well as traditional.The preaching is Bible-based; itís lively, engaging and relevant to the congregation.And we are bursting at the seams, with an extra service on a Sunday to fit everyone in; and over 200 children and teenagers involved with us every week.And in Leicester and around the country there are many vibrant, thriving churches like mine where Christians are made, where Christians are nurtured, and where the Christian gospel is daily put into action.


Boring?How about finding out for yourself?


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[1] National Census 2001