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© John Denney 4 August 2006




The world seems to be in a right old state.Iraq looks to be on the verge of a civil war; soldiers and civilians and innocent children are daily being killed by Israeli bombs and Hezbollah rockets; the Taliban is in armed conflict with NATO forces in Afghanistan under British command; the Darfur region of Sudan has a full-scale rebellion on its hands; the Tamil Tigers have captured considerable chunks of Sri Lanka; weíve had terrorist attacks in New York and Madrid and Bali and London and Mumbai Ö I could go on.All we can be certain of is that every day, through armed conflict, through calculated use of lethal force, death is having a field day.


Some people believe that ďthe end timesĒ are being signalled to us.The final battle between Jesus and Satan at Armageddon, between Good and Evil is getting nearer.Jesus did say there would be wars and rumours of wars, that nation will rise against nation and there will be famines and earthquakes.[1]


Whether the state of the world is signalling the end times, I donít know.And like you, I donít know how I can help to bring about peace.Those of us with a faith pray, of course, and who knows how much worse things might be if it werenít for prayer?But if we are getting closer to Armageddon, the culmination of History, you and I need to be active in doing the right thing, calling for a ceasefire, standing up for the weak, speaking out against injustice.


After all, are you on Godís side, or the Devilís?Iíll give you a helpful hint: itís all in The Book, and Jesus wins.


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[1] Matthew 24:6-7